5 Things To Include On Custom-Made Lobby Signs For Your Business


When customers or clients enter your building, they may not know where to go or who to speak with for help. In fact, they may not even realize where they are, especially if you share your office space with other local companies. That's why it's vital that you order custom-made lobby signs with vital information for guests as well as employees. Here are five things you should include on your custom lobby signs.

1) Business name

Don't assume that everyone knows who you are and what services you offer. Make sure your lobby signs prominently display the name of your business so that everyone is aware of what organization they have stepped into. Your business name should be written in the same font that you typically use on marketing materials or in bold, easy-to-read lettering.

2) Logo

Your company logo should be included on custom-made lobby signs as well. This can help reinforce your brand identity so customers recognize your company quickly when they enter or leave. When you have a recognizable logo, it also helps customers connect with your business and makes them more likely to remember you when they're in need of your services again.

3) Contact information

It's important that visitors can easily contact your business if they have additional questions or would like assistance from an employee. Include the address, phone number, website URL, and email address on your lobby signs so that they can get in touch with you easily. You may also want to include the name of the department or employee who will be handling this correspondence.

4) Directions

Sometimes, customers may need help finding the right office or department within your building. Consider including directions to key areas in your building on your custom-made lobby signs so that visitors know exactly where to go for assistance. If you have multiple floors or separate departments, make sure that your lobby signs are designed with clear directions or a map of where everyone needs to go. It helps if the signage is accompanied by arrows to direct people on their way.

5) Hours of operation

The final piece of information that should be included on your custom lobby signs is the hours of operation. Customers may arrive after normal business hours or at an unexpected time, so it's best to provide this information up front in case your office is closed. This can also help customers plan their trip ahead of time if they know when your business is open and closed.

These five things should be included on all custom-made lobby signs for increased visibility and accessibility for customers and employees alike. Make sure the signage is clearly visible, written in large letters, and accompanied by vibrant colors or images for maximum impact.

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16 June 2023

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