Making Exiting From Your Building More Efficient In An Emergency


Under normal situations, coming and going from a business or other public access building is easy enough. However, exiting becomes harder to manage in the event of a fire that fills the building with smoke or a power outage that leaves you in the dark. Photoluminescent exit signs are an excellent solution for most buildings and might be a requirement of the building code. 

No Power, No Problem

Exit signs in public buildings used to be primarily electric-powered, and if the power went out, the light would be powered by a backup battery for a short time. These systems work but require maintenance of the batteries and regular testing. Plus, the batteries can be expensive. Photoluminescent exit signs do not require a power source to glow for an hour or more after the lights go out, making them a better choice for your building, and they are becoming required by many jurisdictions in new construction. Photoluminescent exit signs absorb light from the environment around them and begin to radiate light in the form of a bright glow that makes them easy to see in many different conditions when there is no light. 

Installing Photoluminescent Signs

Installing signs throughout your public building to guide people to places they need to find is essential. Exit signs are often part of the signs that need installation, and using photoluminescent exit signs can be more manageable because there are no wires or power sources required. Like any flat sign, they can be put on the wall with an adhesive or in a frame secured to the wall. Positioning the exit sign to get light throughout the day is vital. The light can come from the sun coming through a window or from an artificial light source in the building. Check with the sign manufacturer if you are planning to use an artificial light source to charge the sign because some bulbs do not produce the correct wavelength of light to charge the photoluminescent coating. 

Purchasing Signs

Many different sign manufacturers offer photoluminescent exit signs that you can purchase to put in your building that meets OSHA (occupational health and safety administration) guidelines and that are available in different styles. Many exit signs have arrows on them to help direct people to the doors, but you will need to plan carefully to ensure that you purchase the signs that are pointing in the correct direction for your building. 

If you are not sure what the requirements for the exit signs are in your area, the building inspection or the code enforcement office in your city or town can help. Often, they can provide the code that spells out the requirements to ensure you get the right signs and have them in place when the inspector comes to check your property. Contact a sign company to see the kinds of photoluminescent exit signs they offer. 


27 April 2022

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