Ensuring the Signs in Your Public Building Are ADA Compliant


When you own a building that allows public access, all the signage in the building must meet the guidelines set forth under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Buying ADA-compliant signs is just the starting point. The guidelines specify the sign requirements, the mounting locations, and what buildings require these signs under the law. 

Who Needs ADA Signs?

The list of buildings that require ADA-compliant signage in them is very long and includes places like restaurants, office buildings, and retail stores that allow the public into the building. The signs must meet some standards that the ADA specifies, and it is crucial to go over the guidelines entirely before you order signs for your facility to ensure you are getting the right signs and covering all your required areas with them.

Some sign companies can make custom ADA signage for you that will meet the guidelines but will still match the decor inside your building. The signs do not have to be boring and plain, but they must have some vital elements that make them compliant. If you are not sure your building needs the signs, check with your local building inspector or the ADA rules online for more detail about the requirements. 

ADA Sign Requirements

One of the first requirements for custom ADA signage involves the face of the sign. The sign must be made from a material that does not reflect light or glare so someone with vision problems can easily read it. Often the sign shop will make the sign from dark material with bright letters or light background with high contrast black letters that are large enough to be seen easily, but the colors are not specific, so you can work with the sign company to create signs that fit the style of the building. 

Tactile elements are also required on any sign that is permanent in the space. Signs for restrooms and other areas need to have large letters and braille imprints on them so that people can identify the room and get the right one for their needs. These signs also need to be mounted between forty-eight and sixty inches from the floor, to the right of the door, and nine inches from the side of the door frame. 

There are variations for different style doors and signs mounted on the door's face, so refer to the guidelines when mounting your signs. The door opening direction, size of the door, and other factors can all come into play. One of the best ways to meet ADA guidelines is by working with companies that sell custom ADA signage. Contact these companies to learn more about the process.


4 May 2021

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