Why You Should Choose Vinyl As Your Banner Material


If you've decided that you want to order a banner to use for your business or community organization, you'll need to start thinking about the color, wording, and graphics that you want to appear on this type of signage. You'll also need to evaluate what banner material will work best for your intended use. While some signage companies offer canvas as an option for banners, another prevalent material is vinyl. For many purposes, vinyl can be an ideal choice of material for your banner. Here are some reasons that you should think strongly about vinyl instead of canvas.

It's Lighter

One thing that you'll likely appreciate numerous times in the years ahead is that vinyl is generally lighter in weight than canvas. The lightweight nature of this material makes it desirable in several ways. For example, if you'll be carrying the banner — perhaps in parades in your community or simply to different events where you'll hang it for a period of time — a banner made of vinyl will be easier to carry than one made of canvas. When it comes to hanging the banner, perhaps inside of your business, you'll be able to use lighter mounting hardware than if you were to hang a canvas banner.

It's Shinier

Although your sign company may give you the option of having your vinyl banner printed with a matte finish, you'll often notice that a lot of vinyl banners are glossy. The high degree of shine in a glossy finish is ideal because the shine is easily visible. Canvas banners, meanwhile, may not have the shiny finish that you desire. This could make a canvas banner fail to catch the attention of passersby, which reduces the effectiveness of this type of signage.

It's Suitable For Outdoor And Indoor Use

You'll generally find that signage companies don't recommend canvas banners for use outside. The look of canvas products can change when they get wet. For example, the canvas may ripple or even shrink to some degree, which could affect the overall appearance of the banner. As such, most canvas banners are designed for indoor use. Vinyl banners, meanwhile, are suitable for use both outdoors and indoors. This can be handy if you have plans to use your banner in multiple locations. For example, perhaps you have plans to hang the banner at an outdoor event, and then take it to an indoor event to display. You won't have to worry about wet conditions affecting the look of your vinyl banner.


18 March 2021

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