What Makes The Purchasing Of Quality Power Pole Tags Easier? 3 Qualities To Consider


The role played by utility poles in the community is indispensable. The two most common types of utility poles include telephone line poles and power poles. Both of them need proper numbering for identification, and the most popular way to identify them is through the tags. The tags are crucial to the power companies because any time that there is a disaster or the pole comes down after a storm, the tag will help the company identify it and its location and move swiftly to carry out the repairs. 

There are many suppliers who designed power pole tags in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them will deliver the quality of tags that they promise. If you are a power distributor, you have to take time and pick companies that will design superior quality tags for you. Here are the three qualities that make an excellent tag.

The Tag Should be Durable

Many materials are used to make the power pole tags. While some can stand the test of time and bad weather, there are many others that cannot. Ideally, you should choose tags made from galvanized or painted metal. These will be impossible to corrode or rust even after constant exposure to the sun, wind, snow, and other components. The ideal tag should last for as long as the pole will be in use. 

The Tags Should Have a Simple and Comprehensive Numbering System

The manufacturers of pole tagging equipment should be people who understand how tagging is done. It is important to note that wood poles are identified differently from metallic ones. Metallic poles and other pole types also have their separate tagging systems. The person handling the fabrication of the tags should understand these systems and their specifications well. 

Utility pole identification is dependent on the tags, which means that if you get the wrong tags, you will be complicating the function.

The Lettering and Numbers Should be Clear

The other quality to look out for is the system used to letter or number the pole. Most manufacturers use engraving as a method of numbering their tags. A few will emboss the letters, numbers, and symbols. The most important thing is to make sure the message is clear and identifiable from a distance. It should also not be easily damaged by harsh weather conditions.

These are all qualities to look for when buying power pole tags. The crucial thing is to choose a company that understands the importance of quality tags as it will help you get durable and reliable tags.


12 November 2020

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