Five Tips For Interior Retail Signs


The right signage inside your retail establishment makes shopping more convenient for your customers and also helps move product. The following sign design tips can help you make the most of your indoor signage.

1. Stay On Brand

It can be tempting to shave costs by choosing stock designs, but your customers will notice that the signs look out of place in your business. While you can and sometimes should use stock signs for certain uses, such as restroom signs and ADA compliance signs, other signs should match your brand in colors, font, and graphics. On-brand signs should include directional signs, sales signs, and department signs.

2. Keep Them Visible

Don't let your signs get visually lost in the shuffle. Know where you plan to place the signs before designing and ordering them. Signs meant to hang from the ceiling need large, clear fonts to be readable, while shelf signs need to be in a color that stands out against their background. Borders around signs, especially those that will be displayed against a busy background, provide a negative space that helps the sign pop.

3. Use Professional Mounting

A thumbtack or piece of tape is no way to hang the sign you painstakingly designed and paid for. Use proper mounting hardware for all signs. Shelf signs, for example, should be sized to fit into clear shelf hangers or tags. Ceiling signs can be hung with special mounting chains or invisible hanging lines. Use frames for signs on counters or doors. It may seem like a small thing, but the signs will last longer and look better if you mount them properly.

4. Design With Consistence

Use consistency when designing signs, particularly signage that isn't replaced often. One way to arrange for consistency is to assign background colors to specific types of signs. For example, department signs -- from those indicating the department to shelf tags -- could be color-coded by the specific department. If you opt for this strategy, it's vital that you carry through with it on all of the signs.

5. Don't Go Overboard

Finally, don't overdo the signage. If you have too many signs, they lose meaning as your customers will simply stop looking at them. Use signs only where they are needed or to alert customers to special deals. As an example, if t-shirts always seem to have a sale sign in front of them, then the sale becomes meaningless.

Contact a sign manufacturer for all of your interior signage needs.

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12 August 2020

Finding The Perfect Commercial Sign

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