4 Ways to Make a More Interesting Commercial Sign


People see lots of commercial signs as they go about their daily lives. That can make cutting through the noise a major challenge. Before you collaborate with a commercial sign service, you may want to think about a few creative ideas to make your signs more interesting.

1. Use Anything but a Rectangular Shape

The world is full of squares, and so is the world of signage. There are a lot of circles, too. Don't be afraid to break the frame a little bit to make your signs stand out. For example, if it fits your brand, you might always want to look at something like a star or a burst. The pointy edges can create visual interest when deployed properly. There's also a lot to be said for the arrow-shaped sign that points people to your business.

Easily comprehensible shapes are also worth a try, such as the classic idea of a boot shop having boot-shaped commercial signs. The shape of your state or a national symbol can be an interesting choice, too. Just ask anyone who has lived in Texas or Canada, where there are lots of lone stars and maple leaves on signs.

2. Add a Spot Color

People often cram too much visually into a sign. A black and white sign with a spot of bright red, for example, can grab the eye. The spot could be your logo, the name of your business or even a selling proposition. What makes the idea work is a simple design and the use of a strong color that the eye wants to check out.

3. Provide Illumination

Lights can be used to accomplish a lot more than just make something readable at night. Illumination can be used to backlight signs, using cut-out letters to let the light through. This creates a strong sense of warmth. Lights on a sign can also function as focal points, too.

4.  Have Them See Literal Dollar Signs

Commercial signs don't have to be limited to selling your brand. Offers are always welcomed by customers, and people have been trained to look for dollar signs by years of hunting for bargains. Especially if you have a recurring set of offers, it can be great to get a commercial sign shop to make up A-frames that can be placed on the sidewalk, for example. These are also great for showing off new offerings, such as a restaurant that has added a new dish.


28 February 2020

Finding The Perfect Commercial Sign

Hey everyone, my name is Tina. Welcome to my website about commercial signs. When I needed to advertise my new business, I created my own signs. Unfortunately, the signs were largely unsuccessful in attractive new clients. I decided to work with a professional sign maker to design and create signs that really work. I found a few designs that encapsulated the purpose of my company and ordered the signs. The new commercial signs were just what my company needed to excel in this industry. My site will talk about all of the different designs and sign types used for commercial purposes.