Your Distressed Business Signs Might Be Costing You Customers


If you have a physical location for your business, you likely rely on signs to help your customers find you. Over time you have likely gotten used to seeing the signs, and your view of them may not be the same as your potential customers. Perhaps you are in the same business district as a competitor. Some of your potential customers may bypass your business and choose your competitor based off of a better-looking storefront. The following are a few issues that many business owners overlook when it comes to their business signs. 


If you have lights on your signs, chances are that bulbs will get blown over time. One blown bulb is not a major issue. Several blown bulbs can impact whether your customers can see your establishment. If you combine this with dim lighting, they might miss your location altogether. Even if a customer finds a business location with missing bulbs, chances are they might view the business negatively. This may affect your sales. 


Perhaps you are located in an area that is dimly lit. You may be doing your best to keep the area well lit. If you have a faded sign though, your customers may not be able to find your location. Signs can fade over time due to weathering and age. A sign professional may be able to "resurrect" faded signs and make them last longer. This can be achieved through painting. Severely faded signs might require a replacement. 

Physical Damage

Areas that are prone to storm damage may have business signs that get damaged over time. Some storms have strong winds that can rip signs off of their posts. Most business owners experience damages that can be seen with the naked eye. Many of them do not see the damages as major, and they focus on other areas of damage rather than their signs. For example, some high wind storms can rip off roofing. Astute business owners need to look at their building damages as a whole, which includes sign damages. 

A sign repair company is a good resource to use for sign damage concerns. These professionals can also help you to determine if there are damages that you have not recognized. Perhaps you have a sign that is naturally distressed. You may have wanted it to have a "nostalgic appeal" to it. The professionals can help you by enhancing your sign with lights or enhancements that make it noticeable. 

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3 January 2017

Finding The Perfect Commercial Sign

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