Retail Store Signage: 3 Tips To Help You Draw In Customers And Drive More Sales


If you're looking for a way to increase your retail store's foot traffic and bottom line, a great way to do it is to put out some quality, compelling signage in front of and throughout the store. This signage needs to capture your customer's interest so that they will actually read the signs and then be interested enough to check out the product or service that you're offering. So, now the question is: how do you do that? Here are three tips:

Tip #1: Be Concise with Your Verbiage.

Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry. No one has a very high attention span anymore either. After all, that's why people are making 5-second Vine videos and a Twitter update has to be 140 characters or less. So, when designing your retail store signage, it is important that you keep in mind that your customers are in a hurry. They don't have time to look at signs that have a lot of words and clutter. Keep things concise, straightforward and to the point.

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid to Use Color.

When designing your sign, you don't need to stick to something plain and simple like black and white. Instead, get yourself a color wheel and invoke some bright and bold colors into your signage. However, you need to remember that you don't want to go overboard with color or customers may actually be put off by your sign.

So, when using colors, you may want to try to only use two to three colors in your design and try to use colors that are consistent with your company brand so they're easily identifiable. Also, consider what message you are trying to convey with your signage. For example, if you are promoting a sale, you may want to use red since this color tends to imply urgency.

Tip #3: Use Font That's Easy to See and Read.

While a funky-looking font make sings look really cool, it doesn't mean that it is ideal for your retail signage. Your signs are meant to drive sales for your business. Therefore, you need font characters that can grab your customer's attention easily. You need font characters that are clear and easy to read by your customers because if they can't do this, then they're going to keep on walking and never read your signage. This means they'll never know what you're offering and never get a closer look at your product or service.

Designing the perfect retail signage is not an easy task. However, it is something that is important if you want to engage your customers and increase business sales. So, if you need help, don't hesitate to contact a professional sign company in your area. To learn more, visit a website like


29 December 2016

Finding The Perfect Commercial Sign

Hey everyone, my name is Tina. Welcome to my website about commercial signs. When I needed to advertise my new business, I created my own signs. Unfortunately, the signs were largely unsuccessful in attractive new clients. I decided to work with a professional sign maker to design and create signs that really work. I found a few designs that encapsulated the purpose of my company and ordered the signs. The new commercial signs were just what my company needed to excel in this industry. My site will talk about all of the different designs and sign types used for commercial purposes.