Branding Tips For New Restaurants


Opening your first restaurant can be exciting. Chances are you are so busy with planning the menu and the seating schematic that you may not have even thought about branding. The truth is that branding is one of the more important tasks to attend to. Your brand is what becomes recognizable to customers and helps draw in new ones. It's also important to start off strongly with a brand if you hope to someday expand to more locations. The following are a few branding tips for the new restaurant owner.

Tip #1: Define your brand

It may seem like your brand is self explanatory--for example, you are a quick service sandwich shop or a British-style gastropub. Yet you need to go deeper than that when defining your brand. Don't just define the food; also define your restaurant's atmosphere and customer base. Are you a relaxing neighborhood establishment or a hip precursor to a night on the town? Are families welcome, or are you more appealing to sophisticated diners on their way to the theater? Knowing not just what you serve, but to whom and how, will help you develop your brand appropriately.

Tip #2: Create a logo

Your name may be catchy but many customers are visual. A logo provides a visual reminder of your restaurant as well as something to catch the eye of potential new customers. Keep the logo simple but somewhat descriptive. For example, if you specialize in seafood, you may want a fish leaping through the first letter of your name. Or, for a burger joint, you may have your name sandwiched between two buns. The logo must also match your brand, as defined above--you don't want something cutesy for a fine dining establishment. Your logo is your first step toward brand recognition.

Tip #3: Use the logo often

Once you have a logo, you must use it so that customers and potential customers associate it with you instantly upon sight. Place it on menus, external sign boards, and in advertisements. Casual dining restaurants should also place it on server uniforms, while quick service can also place it on their to-go containers and food wrappings. Not only will the logo help advertise your restaurant, it also gives your place a more cohesive look that mimics that of a successful major chain.

For more help in developing a logo or branding your restaurant, talk with a sign company or a logo designer in your area. For a sign company, contact an organization such as Premier Signs Inc.


20 December 2016

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