Designing A Trade Show Booth That Stands Out From The Crowd


Did you know that your trade show booth design has a lot to do with the amount of people your booth attracts during the show? In order to gather the most leads, you need a display that's eye-catching. Fortunately, creating an appealing trade show booth is easier than you probably think. Use these tips to create a stunning trade show booth that the crowd will love.

Booth Colors

A killer color scheme can really make your booth stand out from the crowd. Remember, the colors you choose will be displayed throughout your booth, on your pamphlets and brochures, and on your vinyl banner and signs. Unfortunately, there isn't one fail-proof color scheme, but your should keep these things in mind when choosing the colors for your booth.

  • Bright colors stand out, but they are best used as a secondary color against a more neutral background — white and black will make bright secondary colors really pop.
  • An all-white color scheme gives your booth a fresh, clean appearance, but it won't grab people's attention like bright colors.
  • Never choose a medium shade of a color for your booth's main color. A main color that's a medium shade will cause your accent colors to blend together. Either choose a light or dark shade of the color choose.


Vinyl banners and signs, such as from Davis Sign Co, are one of the most important aspects of your booth. They tell potential clients and customers important information before you even have the chance to interact with them. You should have several types of signs in your booth, including:

  • A custom-made vinyl banner along the top back of your booth that displays your company name and logo.
  • A vinyl banner hung in front of a table in the front of your booth displaying your company information.
  • Signs throughout your booth that display sale or price information or important product information. You can also use signs to advertise any upcoming company promotions or new product launches.

Digital Display

Including a digital display in your trade show booth design is a great way to grab the attention of passersby. It gives your booth a more high-end feel, and people will naturally be intriguied to know what you're offering. If possible try to include an interactive digital display that promotes customer interaction, and can also be used to collect email addresses to grow your company's mailing list. However, if you can't incorporate an interactive digital display, you can set up a slideshow of products of important information using a tablet, laptop, or flat-screen TV.

Setting up a trade show booth that grabs people's attention doesn't need to be difficult. With a little organization and creativity, you can design a trade show booth that attracts a lot of potential clients of customers.


6 December 2016

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