Four Key Features To Consider When Shopping For A Banner Stand


You probably spent a great deal of time choosing the right design, color and content for your banner. Don't just choose the first option you see when it's time to choose a banner stand as you will likely have a less-than-stellar result. Make sure you know what selection criteria to look for.


Choose a banner stand with a setup process you can easily handle on your own. If you're preparing for a convention display or some other event, there is little time to spend struggling with a banner stand. An ideal option is a snap-in style. With this option, you literally snap the ends of the banner into the top and bottom of the stand and it's ready for display. This method of setup is equally as easy to disassemble.


When considering design, balance is the most important factor to consider. Does the stand's design afford use in a high-traffic area or outside? Some stands look good, but their design opens the door for balance issues that can make the stand easily fall over if someone evenly lightly bumps into it or there is small burst of wind. Look for a banner stand that has adequate balance at its base and is not top heavy.

Portable Case

Unless you will be using your banner stand in a stationary location, it's best to choose an option that comes along with a portable case. Even the most well designed stand can succumb to damage if it is not transported and stored away properly. A portable case offers protection in this area. Whether the stand's case is built-in, such as a retractable stand or one with a stand-alone case, look for this extra layer of protection.


Try not to select a banner stand that is restricted to use with a single type of banner. Just because you're using a certain type of banner currently doesn't mean you will be using the same banner in the future. If the stand is limited to one banner style, you will have to go out and purchase another stand. Some banner stands allow for different configurations that allow you to transform the stand to accommodate different types of banners. Choose flexibility for the best long-term use.

The banner stand you choose should be complementary to your banner, easy to use and transport, and durable. Take your time to choose the right option for your specific needs. For more information, talk to a company like Divine Signs Inc.


6 April 2016

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